Jordan, New York

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We Proudly Sponsor Local Youth Teams​

How they have grown - 2016


Twightlight Meetings

In partnership with the Cornell Co-operative Extension IPM, we hold Twighlight Meetings at both farms for anyone in the Green Industry. Pesticide Application License credits are available for anyone who needs them.

Third Grade Project

Each year the third grade classes from Jordan-Elbridge Elementary School come for an educational day. Each group rotates through the educational session, the farm tour, and then each child plants a tree. When the class enters their junior year in high school, the trees they planted are full grown. The trees are harvested for sale and the profit money goes back to the class for scholarship funds

Daisy Scouts & Girl Scouts

Christmas Trees  -  Wreaths & Novelties  -  Choose and Cut  -  Pre-Cuts  -  Wholesale